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All About Booking A Lifeguard

At bookalifeguard.com we are committed to bringing clients and aquatic professionals together. With over 25 years experience in aquatics we understand the need for aquatic safety and for everyone to be confident and safe in the water. Thats why we have designed the very first marketplace where clients can hire swimming teachers, lifeguards for a private pool party and other certified aquatic instructors directly. Our marketplace allows the providers, such as the swimming teachers, to make their own prices.

At bookalifeguard.com we have designed an easy way to schedule, message and hire the person you choose through our website. Always know who is going to be teaching you before the first day of class.

In the history of aquatics there has never been an easier way to hire a private swimming teacher or lifeguard. The prices are always very high and scheduling a professional could take days sometimes weeks because of deadend searches. We have set out to find all aquatic teachers and lifeguards to load then on bookalifeguard.com so you never have to worry about who you are hiring.

All professionals have been verified for their identity and certifications loaded to view for clients.

Company Vision/Mission Statement

  • Our company provides a safe, clean, fun, and friendly environment for the enjoyment of the pool members while maintaining superior water quality.
  • Our goal is to seek new ideas and technologies in the swimming pool industry for the benefit of our clients, our employees, and ourselves.
  • To provide and to pledge an ongoing, exceptional level of quality service with reasonable prices designed and implemented to meet our clients’ specific needs and criteria. We want you to enjoy your pool, not worrying about it.
  • Our goal is to reduce the cost for customers to find swimming lessons or a private lifeguard while bringing more opportunities and help the providers keep more of the money they work for by reducing the cost of swimming lessons. Our focus is to help lower-income families have more economically friendly options to choose from. More people will learn how to swim and stay safe around the water.

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Why Book a Lifeguard?

  • Years of experience to match your price range
  • Lifeguard first aid/cpr certified
  • Book a Lifeguard verified

Our Mission

To help anyone find a swimming teacher and lifeguard at affordable rates.

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